Before You Build a Pool | Pool Excavations FAQ

Building a pool can be one of the most rewarding things you can do for you and for your family. In summer, it provides the perfect opportunity for everyone to get together and catch up while cooling off in the pool or throw a spectacular pool party! That being said, there are some things that you should know when you’re considering having a pool installed.

Do I need to hire professionals?

The best way to always ensure that your property is taken care when getting any kind of major feature installed or built is to hire professionals. To do so, you’ll want to consult with an expert about the costs, time and inclusions of their services. Professionals will be able to go over which sizes are appropriate for your needs and which shapes are best for your backyard.

When building a pool from scratch, you need to prepare the land for your new feature and of course and have the hole dug out. This is not an appropriate DIY job – amateur work can be dangerous and should be avoided at all costs! Not all earthmovers will have the experience and resources for this specialised service. So, be sure to choose pool excavation experts who can take on the project safely and securely.

Before you go ahead with any of this, you will need to attain building approval so be sure to make your local council one of the first places you contact.

Do I need to employ a surveyor?

You should definitely employ someone who can tell you what your property boundaries are. That’s because your neighbours can cause a lot of trouble for you if you end up building a pool that runs onto their property. Your surveyor will be able to tell you where your property ends and where you should be placing your pool as well as assist with addressing the structural requirements.

Should I follow my engineer’s plans?

Your engineer will be able to create plans for your pool projects. You should try your best to follow these plans because your engineer will consider the safety of you and your family when your pool is being installed.

Do I need a pool fence or barriers?

There are some barriers involved with building a pool; for example, if your pool is deeper than 30cm, you’ll need to install safety barriers. As the owner of the pool, you will also be responsible for repairing and maintaining your pool barrier in the future. You will also need to have a building permit from your local council if you want to build a pool on your property. This application will need to have pictures and drawn-up plans to ensure that your city council is aware of the project you’re taking on.

How long does it take to build a pool at home?

After you’re given a building permit, you have to begin working on your project within one year. Once you start this project, you also need to complete it within 6 months. If your builder doesn’t think he or she will be able to complete the work on time, then you can also request an extension from the city council. If the building permit lapses, then you’ll have to ask the surveyor you used before to reissue a building permit.

Should I expect inspections for building a pool?

Your property is going to have to inspected during certain stages of your pool’s installation to make sure that everything goes smoothly. Here are the four requirements during the inspection of your pool.

  1. The completion of your pool’s excavation
  2. You need to follow the building permit from your surveyor when you pour your footing.
  3. Finishing the precautions that your surveyor has set out for you
  4. One last inspection when your pool has been installed

Does a pool add value to my home?

In short, yes. Nearly any measure that you take to improve your home will increase its value. This is especially true for pools because it provides homeowners with a way to keep cool during hot weather and will increase the appeal of your property.

Melbourne District Demolition | Pool Excavations

Now we’ve got some of the important preparatory steps covered for building a pool, you can confidently get started thinking about pool designs! When you’re ready to start the building process, contact Melbourne’s leading pool excavations experts at Melbourne District Demolition. We will discuss your needs, answer any further questions in detail and provide you with a quote before tending to the job so you can have the pool of dreams!