Demolishing a House in Melbourne? Here’s What You Need to Know

If you have a home to demolish, you might be feeling particularly overwhelmed. That’s because there’s a lot of things to arrange in the time-being and there can be a lot of paperwork to file. Still, there’s no need to feel alone in this process.

We’re here to help you through this hard time. Below, you can read about everything you need to know about demolishing a house in Melbourne.

The Different Kinds of Demolitions

You need to know about which demolition procedure you’ll go through before you go through the demolition. That’s because there are some that are more invasive than others and there as others than can allow you to keep the original foundations of your home.

You should consider keeping the foundation if you want to rebuild later on. You should also determine whether you want to have a wrecking ball take the entire place down, which is sometimes preferred for people who want the process done quickly. This method is ideal for those who live in more secluded areas.


Warn Your Neighbours

Your neighbours can cause quite a problem if you decide not to warn them in advance. That’s because they won’t have the necessary time to evacuate and could be exposed to dangerous toxins and materials that become airborne during the demolition.

The best way to warn your neighbours is to post letters on their doors or in their mailboxes when you have a date set. Then, you should send them the notice again when the demolition date is a little closer. This will make it much easier for everyone involved, and you’re less likely to get complaints filed against you.


You will need to file specific paperwork if you’re planning to go through with a demolition. That’s because your city has to know that you’re going to be demolishing a building and they have to know how you’re going about it.

If you’re not sure about what paperwork you should have filed, you can ask your demolition company. They’re likely to be more informed about this because they’ve demolished in your burrow before; that said, make sure you choose the right company.

Choose people who have experience in your neighbourhood. That’s because they’re more likely to be familiar with your burrow’s legislation and policies. When you don’t file the right paperwork, you can soon find your project being shut down or you can be fined by your city council.

Overall, do your research and find out what paperwork you must have filed. Do your best to have everything done beforehand.


Do you live in Melbourne? Are you looking to have a house demolished? If so, you’ve come to the right place. Home demolitions can be very stressful, but there’s no reason why you should remain stressed throughout the process.

Instead, you should try to delegate to the necessary people; your demolition company. Consult them for any paperwork you need to have filed, especially since their company may be named in the paperwork.

Otherwise, make sure to warn your neighbours and inform yourself about which demolition process you’re interested in.