Demolition Methods – Know the Difference

Are you looking to have your home or commercial building demolished? Are you wondering about which way is the best method to do so? We don’t blame you. Demolition can be very stressful, and if you’re going to get through this time, you might need a little help. That’s why we’ve created this guide, which will walk you through the various demolition methods and the difference between each one.

Explosive Imposions

This is the demolition method that you often see online and in movies. There are compilations all over Youtube about demolition fails, and they almost always involve explosive demolitions.

An explosive implosion in most often used when the adjacent lots are empty or uninhabited. That’s because there’s a lot of dust and debris that results from this kind of demolition. It’s carried out by setting off implosive charges simultaneously and the entire building falls within just a few moments.

Multi-Storey Heavy Plant Demolition

A lot of planning is involved in demolishing a building this way. It’s most often used for very tall buildings and all toxic materials have to be cleared before it can be demolished. That’s because there might be reinforced concrete, asbestos, or other substances that prove dangerous to anyone or anything surrounded the demolishing building.

Heavy equipment is used to swing wrecking balls, monolithic hammers, etc., to bring the entire thing down.


Two-Storey Specialists

Next, we have the two-story specialists. There’s a few things that need to be done in order for this demolition method to be carried out appropriately. For one thing, all of the walls, floors, and window frames have to be sent off to the refuse skip. Any asbestos insulation is also removed, and only the structure of the home should be left intact.

The next thing that has to be done is to disable any services that are still activated in the home. You have to have your company disable the electrical power and sewage.

This demolition method is only used when your demolition company knows it’s safe and when the building is uninhabited. That’s because when it comes to the actual demolition, the building will be taken down with wrecking balls and interiors will be taken out.

This kind of demolition is similar to the explosive one we told you about earlier, but it’s less intense and isn’t as destructive. The explosive demolition is especially used when there are chimneys or massive structures that need to be taken down.

Since two-storey specialists are often brought in when the building that’s going to be demolished is in a populated area, this is better for typical commercial buildings and residential homes.


For those who are going to have a building demolished, it can be hard to decide exactly how they should be going about it. That’s because although we often hear about the demolition process, not many people actually tell us about the different ways to go about it.

That’s where we come in. The above guide details the different demolition processes; more specifically, explosive implosions, multi-storey heavy plant demolitions, and two-storey specialists.

The first option we provided you with is probably better if you have an abandoned building that needs to be taken down; meanwhile, the second is excellent for buildings that have heavy structures, and the last is for the usual, every-day building that’s held in a populated area.

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