Our Demolition Services

Melbourne District Demolitions is your team for professional demolitions, removal and waste management services. WIth years of experience, and a dedicated and professional team behind us, we can provide you with a top quality and secure service. For more information about our services, please click on the links below:

To get into contact with us about our services, call us on 03 9448 8056 or 0451 221 785, or email us at info@mddemolitions.com.au.

With a premium service, we can guarantee a professional and safe demolition process for your property. As Melbourne’s premier experts, we can work as high as three levels and on residential, commercial and industrial properties.

With a wealth of experience and knowledge, we have the skills, techniques to manage the safe removal of the dangerous fibre from your property.

We understand that many residents and commercial clients need to remove materials from their property in an environmentally friendly manner. We can provide an effective and efficient service.

The removal of concrete is a tough task that requires patience, the right techniques and tools. We can make sure that your concrete is removed in no time.

Imagine moving bricks one by one? We will make sure that all the bricks you want removed from your property is done effectively, efficiently and for an affordable price.

We have all the vehicles and tools to remove all the rubbish you want, as well as dispose of it at certified recycling landfills.

If you are thinking about demolishing your bathroom, kitchen, office, and other internal rooms, we will manage it for you, while ensuring that the external structure stays strong.

Driveways a vital part to any property. If yours is breaking down beyond repairs, it is time to remove it and prepare for a new one. We can help you with that today.

From the roots deep below, we can remove any and all trees from your property.

This process requires us to remove all the pollutants and hazardous chemicals in the plot of the land. If you find that your land is filled with dangerous materials, call us today.

Stuck with rubbish, debris and materials across your property after an emergency? Don’t worry, we will be at your property before you know it to make sure that it is all cleared and removed safely.

Looking to get a swimming pool in your backyard? Let us help you with the project, by getting the project started with a professional excavation job.

We have all the techniques, tools and experience to safely flatten all types of floors and pieces of land. Just tell us what you need levelled and we will guarantee a smooth process.