Every so often, the renovation bug hits and you get the urge to change the look of your home to reflect your own personal tastes, especially if you have just purchased your property. However, it is imperative to find out whether your home really merits a renovation or whether you would be better of demolishing everything and starting from scratch. Before you rush off to your favourite hardware store to purchase that new hammock bathtub or contract the services of an interior decorator, determine whether you home needs a renovation or demolition. The following signs should help you make a decision on which option is best for you:

Structural issues

A house with a weak foundation, extensive mold damage, supports sticking out of the roof and walls and other structural issues may indicate that your house needs to be demolished rather than renovated.

Cost of renovation vs. demolition

Very old homes and those with extensive structural damage may require considerable capital outlay in order to repair or renovate. Taking out rotted floorboards and ceilings, replacing old fixtures, modernizing a home for energy efficiency and performing other major renovation tasks may require the infusion of large amounts of money. It is therefore important to do a cost analysis of demolition vs. renovation and pick the option that is within your budget.

The house is too small to allow for additions

A growing family and the need for more spacious rooms are just a few reasons why you might want to make additions to your home. However, if your house is too small or the design does not allow you to make the additions you want, it may be time to consider a demolition.

The house is too old

While old homes may hold an old time charm that is hard to resist, if you plan on living in them for longer than a decade, you may want to consider demolishing and starting all over again in order to ensure you and your family’s safety.

The house is affecting the value of a property you want to sell

An unsightly, crumbling house may put potential buyers off your property and make selling it that much harder. If you have a property in a desirable area but one that has an ugly or aged house on it, you might be better off demolishing it in order to attract the type of buyer you want.

The decision to renovate or demolish is influenced by many factors. By taking the time to go over your property in Melbourne or other part of Australia and noting its weak points, you should be able to make the right decision for you.