Site Remediation

Did you find yourself a piece of land and are ready to built your dream house or office building? Then the dream quickly goes south when you find out that the land if polluted with chemicals. What do you do now? Simple: call Melbourne District Demolition. As experts in site remediation, we can carefully and effectively remove all the contaminated soil on your land; leaving with a healthy and secure piece of land.

The Dangers in the Soil.

There are many different types of pollutants, materials and contaminants that can be found within a plot of land. Most of them can be quite hazardous to the environment, the building structure and most importantly, the health of individuals. Removing these pollutants requires a precise process in the soil is removed and the groundwater (if needed) is cleared away. It requires practice and patience. Which is something Melbourne District Demolitions can help you with.

Secure Site Remediation Process.

With us in charge of your site remediation, we will take our time to slowly and securely remove all the contaminated soil and waters. We will dig deep in the land, bring out the polluted soil and water, before securely taking it to a certified landfill, where it will be recycled properly. Once completed, you will have a brand new piece of land ready for you to begin your development plans. It is that easy.

Contacting Melbourne District Demolition.

For a top quality and reliable site remediation job, time to contact the professionals at Melbourne District Demolition. Our commitment to the job, plus our experience and skills means we are ready to handle your task.

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