Strip Outs

Are you planning to have your bathroom, kitchen, office, garage or any other part of your building removed or stripped clean? There is no need to go looking any further. Melbourne District Demolitions can help you with a precise and planned strip out plan; built to your exact specifications.

What’s a Strip Out?

The process might seem new to many people, but in fact it quite common. The basic idea behind a strip out is the removal of the internal parts of a building. This could include a whole room (like removing every part of a kitchen), certain linings, such as lighting, cabling, floors or you can complete strip the internal part of your home. Throughout this whole process, the external structure is left untouched and secure.

Stripping Out What You Want.

Regardless of what part, section or lining you want removed from your home, office or commercial workplace, the team here at Melbourne District Demolition can do it for you. Our approach is based around your specifications and requests. Throughout the whole process, we will keep your building secure, intact and strong.

Planned Around Your Requests.

To ensure that your building is completely untouched and perfect as before, we construct a precise plan that will guarantee a perfect service. We take into account all aspects of your building, before going through the project. Precise, dedicated, our workmanship will secure a perfect finish.

Contacting MDD.

With Melbourne District Demolition in charge of your strip outs, you can trust us to deliver a perfect and complete service. We are ready to help you with your building today.

Call Melbourne District Demolition today on on 03 9448 8056 or 0451 221 785, or email us at