Preparing Your Land to Rebuild After Demolition

So you have a house that needs to be demolished but are still experiencing doubt about whether or not the full monty; a complete demolition, is the right decision for you? Rest assured, to help, we’ve created the ultimate guide of the biggest and most common reasons for residential demolitions.

Make a confident decision and take the following factors into account before saying the final yes.

The Cost of Demolition vs. Repairs

One of the top reasons to demolish a house is that you want to start from scratch. This means different things for different people. Whether you want a house that’s bigger or smaller, or one that simple has a nicer floor plan, you might be considering demolition or repairs.

The problem with this is that major repairs for your home are very expensive, especially if it is located in a high-demand area. If something in your home is unsafe, extremely outdated and you need to start new, repairing it will likely cost you more than demolishing the whole thing and rebuilding your home.

If you decide to go through with this, you should keep in mind that you might need to hire a company that specialises in demolishing and rebuilding. This will ensure that your home is taken care of and that your priorities are taken seriously.

More often than not, the cost of these repairs will cost more than the overall value of your home. Most people like to perform renovations when it ensures that value is being added to the home; however, this isn’t always the case. Sometimes, demolishing and rebuilding a house will cost you less money, save time and add more value than if you were to repair your home.

The Land

You might decide to demolish a property if you appreciate the land and you want to build your own home on it. In densely populated areas in high demand it can be more economic to demolish and rebuild a new home (or multiple if you rebuild units) than purchasing a brand new property.

This is useful because you don’t have to settle for an empty block of land that you aren’t satisfied with. When you buy property that already has a house on it, you can have an idea of what your home will look like after it’s built.

Severe Infestations

Infestation is another one of the top reasons why people decide to demolish their properties. If your home is full of animals or insects, or both, you should first call an exterminator to have the problem dealt with. That said, you’ll find that some infestations are too serious for the exterminator to take care of and you may have to go with demolition.

That’s because with some infestations, you’ll find that parts of your home have rotten or have been eaten beyond the point of safety. When this happens, your home can collapse at any moment and the best decision is to demolish it. Your other option is to repair your home; however, the high degree of risk and skill invovled in such a process is likely to cost you a very high amount.


Properties can be demolished for a number of reasons. Some people are hesitant to do this because they aren’t sure if their reason is appropriate. That said, everyone’s situation is different and if you prefer the idea of starting off with a clean slate and reconstructing a new property from sratch or owning a land plot instead, you should trust your gut.

If your home has been affected by infestation, if you want a specific piece of land, or if you want to save money by demolishing your property instead of going ahead with costly, ongoing major repairs, you may want to consider a demolition.