What makes a good demolition expert?

A demolition expert takes down old, damaged, or structurally unsafe buildings safely with the use of tools and explosives. The expert may be called to demolish a skyscraper in the crowded Melbourne city or a bungalow down in the rural area. He is supposed to come up with a method to use that ensures safety for people and property around the condemned structure but also provide the desired results. So what qualities make the demolition expert a good one?

Good teamwork skills

A demolition expert has to work with the rest of the team to bring buildings down. He works with environmental experts, engineers, machine operators, and a whole lot of skilled and unskilled labor. He has to manage the whole team to achieve a common goal.

Technical skills

A demolition expert knows what needs to be done to bring the buildings down safely. He has the knowledge in building and construction. Knows the working of the explosive and can estimate the impact they have on the surrounding buildings. The technical skills are what put him apart from anyone else that is trying to bring down a house. Some demolition experts have gone for a college degree while others learn the work on the job after having the basics from school. Demolition experts can come from building and construction engineers, masonry workers and other professionals working with buildings.

Mental attributes

Demolition requires someone is attentive to all the details. Any careless mistakes are likely to cause a disaster. The job also requires the ability to work under stress, self-control, and cooperation with other people. The demolition expert will be required to reason out of the box, make the analysis of conditions at hand, and predict any likely challenge before even starting the project.


Australian law requires demolition experts that work on lead-based paint and asbestos materials to go through a certification program. Given the health risks that go with these building elements, it is important that all demolition workers understand and protect the public from the effects of inhaling the material. Demolition workers also require a workplace safety certification for the workforce and confirm their ability to handle hazardous materials. There are also tests that the demolition expert has to go through, pass, and be certified before being allowed to use the explosives.

A good demolition expert understands the work that he or she is supposed to do, know the risks involved and strives to give quality results with little impact to the surroundings.