When is it time to call in a team for bulk excavation?

Bulk excavation works involve removal of soil and other materials to make a given area suitable for construction by bringing it to the required level and height. Bulk excavation is sometimes a part of bulk earthworks where the soil is added to parts of a given area to bring it to level for construction.

When do you need bulk excavation in your area?

When you have a large number of tree stumps in the area that you want to build.

If you are clearing an area that was highly forested for construction, you will have many tree stumps that have to be removed before any construction can take place. You need the help of bulk excavators to dig up the tree stumps and level the ground for construction. Tree stumps can grow to several meters below the ground and are hard to remove manually.

When a piece of land is very sloppy

If the piece of land that you want to set up a building is very sloppy, you need bulk excavators to come and level the ground so that you can start building. The bulk excavators look at the slope of the land, the direction of the groundwater flows and the size of the building to be constructed to determine the exact size of land to be excavated.

Digging foundations in rocky areas

If the land that you wish to set up an office is very rocky, you require earthmovers to break the rock and dig a foundation for your building. Some rock outcrops are so hard, very deep, and extensive such that you need land movers to dig your foundation.

Cases of mudslides

During the wet season, some areas that have weak soil structures experience mudslides. Some mudslides are so extensive that the area has to be evacuated. However, if it is just a block of soil that has broken off a sloppy piece of land, the soil can be removed by a team of bulk excavators and deposited elsewhere.

Building of drainage systems

If an area experiences repeated flooding during the rainy season, the situation could be improved by building water canals and dikes to drain away the water from the flat land. Flooding can cause water-borne diseases and affect structures built on the flat piece of land.

If you have any project that requires moving of large chunks of soil, consider hiring bulk excavators. They have the equipment and the skills to get the job done.